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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

:: Happy New Year 2011 & Club Anya Saturday Sketch 50!::

It has been awhile since my last post -- I, like everyone else!, have been busy with life, the holidays and other little things such as work! :) 
I hope everyone had a relaxing time with loved ones
and enjoyed the holidays!

My husband and I received an unexpected surprise in mid-November... 
my in-laws had purchased airlines tickets so they would be able to spend Christmas with us! 
I must confess I was thrilled to hear it because my in-laws live overseas (UK) and spending the holidays with my husband's side of the family doesn't happen very often. So when the opportunity arises, I try to value each and every moment that we get with them. 
Unfortunately, my mother-in-law caught a virus on the flight to Toronto, so their first week here was a little uneventful, but we made up for it the second week! 

The only other downside to my in-laws visiting was that I wasn't able to make any cards!  My craft room is also a guest room, so I had to put away my toys for two weeks in order for my in-laws to have somewhere to stay! 

Perhaps one day I will have a craft room AND a guest room! S;o)

They flew out a few days after New Years and now everything seems to be back to routine hence my post today... 

I have my craft room back!!!

I have had some The Greeting Farm characters (ie. Hope & Grace) which I stamped and paper pieced a few months/weeks ago, but didn't have a project to place them on until I saw Club Anya's Saturday Sketch 50! 

However as I was uploading my photo to their site and realized that I missed a component to the sketch! Eegads!!!

To make me feel better, my lovely husband figured I could just remake it! 
He obivously doesn't makes cards! S;o)

It still looks okay, I hope?! :/

Have a great week!

Supplies: upon request :)