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Monday, August 9, 2010

...Love in the air...

My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last week by celebrating in "our" place.  We took a mini-vacation down to Niagara Falls, ON, Canada and spent our time relaxing, eating, shopping and enjoying local wines and wineries in the area.  (We actually celebrate TWO anniversaries -- July 31st is our official wedding date and July 17th is the date that we renewed our vows one year later.  The story of why we celebrate two anniversaries will be posted one day -- it's tooo long and complicated!)

During our trip, we came across a wonderful winery that I cannot keep to myself.  If you are ever in the Niagara-St. Catharines area, you must go and check out 13th Street Winery.  It's a fairly new established label.  Our winery experience here cannot be compared to any of  the other wineries that we've visited in the past. The employees are extremely knowledgeable and friendly (we even got a "Welcome to 13th Street, have a enjoyable experience and a great day!" as we got out of the car upon our arrival!).
Their wine portfolio includes lovely, crisp wines which you can even enjoy a glass on their patio.  A great atmosphere to the place and it will be one that we plan on stopping at the next time.  Unfortunately, I left my camera was in the car so I didn't take any photos -- I will have to the next time!

Here's just a few photos from our Niagara/winery tour:
Sunday my husband celebrated his 34th birthday.  We were to go out for dinner however he (and I) have been feeling under the weather and decided to postpone it to another night this week. I made him a Star Wars-Darth Vader birthday card. Okay, now I know what you're saying.... a 34 year old man who loves Star Wars?!  Perhaps it may have been a little childish, but we all are kids at heart, aren't we?  Creative Imaginations came out with Star Wars inspired foil scrapbook paper and one of my local stores carries that particular line.  Perfect for Star War enthusists and little boys alike! :)

Unfortunately, I haven't had a moment to take a photo -- perhaps tomorrow or the day after and then I can post it.

Have a great week!

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