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Monday, September 15, 2008

:: so long for an update ::

Forgive me for not updating in sooooo long.

My life just keeps getting in the way.

I have to admit cards have not been the focus for me at the moment. I've been distracted with numerous things -- my brother and his family visiting from red deer, alberta, home re-decoration, work (it's a brand new school year, which for those of you who don't know me -- I work for a local school board), planning my future trip to england with my husband in december 2008) and other lovely life adventures.

Despite the fact that my focus has not been on my cards, I really have not had the inspiration to create any! I seem to keep starting them and then losing inspiration half way through and then placing them to the side hoping that I think of some really cool creative technique or design to finish them. That or I'm still sulking over my favourite local scrapbooking store closing (which closed in May/June 2008) and I'm still subconsciously sulking over it.

Lately all the scrapbooking stores that I have visited in my area just don't seem to have any spectacular paper or embellishments that wow me to buy them and make me want to create!

However I'm sure this rut won't last for long -- at least I can hope! :) I know I need to be starting my Christmas cards and start real soon! :)

I will also post some photos of recent cards I created for some of my husband's relatives soon.

I am soooooo excited for there is exactly 3 months and 3 days until uberladen and I leave for the uk! :) I've been feverishly planning away for this trip as uber and I will be touring London this time around. We were only able to spend a day during our last trip (May 2007) which for those of you that live or visited London knows that is definitely not enough to see and do even half of what London offers!

I'm also desperately hoping that my favourite UK band, Feeder will do some sort of promotional gig or something during the 2 week period we are there, so that I have an opportunity to be able to see them live -- as seeing that I'm going to completely miss their UK tour) :/

I have followed Feeder for the last 10+ years but because I live in Canada I have not seem them despite all the travelling between Canada and the United Kingdom I did in the years that I travelled between countries to see my then boyfriend/fiancee-now husband! It would be soooo nice to finally see them in the flesh!

well, i shall end this entry and attempt to finish one of these cards that I've put aside. Wish me luck!

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