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Monday, March 10, 2008

:: march break is here at last ::

i am so thankful that I have somewhat a break this week as work is out for the week. i'm looking forward to getting away with my husband at the end of the week as we are going to spend a couple of days in niagara, ontario and possibly sometime in new york state. Walden Galleria here we come! I love going down to buffalo to shop -- even with having to pay the duty coming back from the states, it's still a lot cheaper to buy craft materials down there! ;)

this past saturday was the 2008 British Isles in Toronto, Ontario. Despite the snowstorm that Ontario was being hammered this weekend, it did not prevent us from going to the show. I got to meet Steven Arnold (Ashley Peacock) from Coronation Street. He was absolutely lovely! He wasn't your typical standoffish type of celeb -- he really wanted to take a moment and chat to his fans! I'll post the pics soon!

as for making cards, I haven't really been up too much -- i've just need some time to rewind and relax though I did make a mum's day card for my mum-in-law as it was mother's day in england on march 2nd. [see picture above] not the greatest photo quality but I was up late creating it!

that's it for now!

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