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Monday, October 12, 2009

Just An Update!

Happy Belated Turkey Day to my fellow Canadians!

Just wanted to post an update on my progress -- I have been able to work a little bit on some card projects this weekend but unfortunately lost my mojo during a couple of them so I still need to finish them off and take pictures.  The good news is that I am able to sit at my craft table a little longer each day.  I was hoping that I would be a little farther along in terms of recuperating but each day it gets better.

It's official!  The Christmas season of baking has commenced in the Turner household!  I must confess -- I actually started my Christmas shopping in August but it's become tradition that Thanksgiving weekend tends to be the weekend my husband and I usually whip up a couple of batches of Christmas cake for the upcoming holiday season (irregardless of all the other baking/cooking that needs to be done!).  I just have to set my Blackberry to remind me to feed the cakes over the next 6 weeks!  The best part of making the cake is smelling the delicious air from the oven as the cakes bake!  Gosh, I love the Christmas season!

Sorry for the short post -- but I've got to go.  I'm back to the working world tomorrow!

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