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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Above: Pink Cat Studio Party Farm Animals Stamp set
Copyright: Pink Cat Studios

I realized I have not posted in a while (yet again! :/) -- however a couple of hours after my last post, I had sudden excruciating pain in my abdomen which unfortunately for me did not subside and it was decided that I would need to go to the hospital via ambulance. I cannot begin to tell you the fun I've had since my arrival at the hospital and since then! During my stay at the hospital, my kidneys decided to fail because I was put through so much catscan radiation and contrast treatments trying to find out what was causing me the pain, that it was too much for them and they went "to sleep". Yep, more like they stopped. The doctors are not sure what's wrong with me (still, might I add!) despite the umpteen million ultrasounds and other tests done. My family physician has pulled me off of work since March Break and when I went to see him on Monday he has decided to extend my leave of absence for another two weeks :(

So to cheer myself up, yesterday I decided to finally order a stamp set from Pink Cat Studios (above pic) which I have been thinking about getting a little while now. I have been going through scrapper's block lately -- I guess with everything that I've been going through medically, I've really not been able to focus on anything creative. So I am anxious for the stamp to arrive. I fell for this stamp set orginally for the pigs as my mother-in-law simply adores and collects anything with pigs and I figure it would make the perfect birthday card for her (guess who's birthday is coming up in May?)Here's hoping that I can get my creative mojo flowing again! S:o)

My husband decided to get me out of the house last Friday for the day (I really hadn't been anywhere since my hospital trips in February and March!) and he took a couple of days off to spend time with me. We decided to go to Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls. The Niagara area has become one of the spots that we like to go to and get away and lift our spirits, if even for the day. Thankfully we had beautiful warm sunny weather and hardly a cloud in the sky. It was absolutely beautiful down there. I guess that's why we like driving down and spending so much time there.

Unfortunately, we found that Niagara-on-the-Lake doesn't seem to be "weathering" the recession that well. We couldn't believe how many stores have gone "under" since our last trip there in November 2008. We got some decent pictures from the day (as you can see in slide show entitled "Niagara - April 2009" below!)

Unfortunately for me, I missed out on this years' Scrapfest in Kitchener as I was not feeling well enough to attend. I already counting the days until next years' show! S:o)

I'll post soon!

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